I have a passion

I discovered my passion in kindergarten because I found a sad girl. She had gone away silently crying, she thought no one noticed her. But I saw her, and I went there and comforted her. I thought it was so terribly wrong that she needed to be so sad over some bullies, and it felt so good to comfort her. And so two themes started following me through life. I hate injustice and I love helping those who have been exposed to something or someone, or who are just sad inside themselves. One of my dreams have been to buy a house and help depressed young women who are outside the system because they are not seen and do not have a voice of their own. This is so far a utopian dream, but it made me go forward when I was told about Marisa Peers school. Marisa impressed with her work, she showed a path where it was possible to help other people in 1-3 sessions. This in itself is amazing, because what she successes with hardly not even happen with a psychologist for many years, in my opinion. And I have had psychological help for 7 years.
 Why have I been with a psychologist for so long? One answer is that I did not know about Marisa Peer. The second because I needed support after growing up with some trauma and a very narcissistic mother. I have received incredible support and good help from psychologists, but it has not gone as deep into my person as Marisa Peers tools do. They took me exactly where I needed to go to change and strengthen my inner self and my own voice, to get past and beyond the traumas that I did not even dare to tell to the psychologists. It is with incredible joy I have studied her program and gone through the certification process. I do not understand why this is not available in every clinic around the world? I have been liberated and now it´s your turn!